Meet the Author

cropped-cropped-brenda-resized.jpgBrenda Drake is a long-time poet in which she credits the Lord for giving her words of rhyme to lift up the name of Jesus Christ and to encourage others to know how much He loves them.

As a young wife and mother, she made a commitment to Christ. She had very little knowledge of God and a lot of wrong attitudes and teachings to unlearn. Her openness and transparency in sharing her failures, thoughts, faults, and struggles make it easier to recognize the similarities in our own life stories. She has a good understanding and empathy for the many life situations we all face.

The wisdom shared in her new book, Waves of Comfort, attest to God’s work in her, forming her to be more like Jesus. She would be first to tell you it is an ongoing process and that God is not finished with her yet. Her greatest desire is for seeking hearts to gather strength and comfort from the inspired poetry that has helped and brought comfort and growth to her life.  May you find rest in His waves of comfort