He Finds Great Pleasure By Brenda Drake

     The earth is filled with beauty; God stated all Creation as good.  He loves every part of it all… it is as He designs.  He never tires, and is pleased with every living soul.  Every moment is filled with the wonder of it all. We must rejoice in the celebration of life, and the eternal celebration of New Life in Salvation.

He Finds Great Pleasure

When the willow blows in the wind,
When the palm trees bend,
When the ripened apple falls to the ground floor,
When the child of God prays to the Lord,
When the birds sing their songs of praise,
When the child of God changes their evil ways,
When the flower’s bloom fades and willingly falls to the ground,
When the autumn leaves joyfully blow around,
When the stars and the moon shares their glow,
When the angels sing at every new-born soul,
When the air sparkles with promised rain,
When a child of God is freed from their chains,
When the new-born baby cries,
When an earth-dweller warrior dies,
When the love of a father for son is revealed,
When a cancer-sick soul is healed,
When time has passed and new eternal life begins,
When there is a holy reunion of family and friends,
When the heavens and earth dance and rejoice it is done,
And there is new rule under the Son,
God never tires, all is known and felt, and on His mind.
He finds in it all great pleasure in His design.

Psalms 104:31
The glory of the Lord shall endure for ever:
the Lord shall rejoice in his works.

Gift Ideas By Brenda Drake

            I love to give gifts but it seems we now expect to receive one in its place.  They are almost always measured by how much they cost. Their value should be also be measured by the scale of effort, well intentions, and just the joy of expressing affection for one another.

Gift Ideas

Gift giving at this time of year,
Shows love, respect or honor to someone dear.
All in celebration of the birth of Christ;
God of hope, promise, and giver of new life.
Jesus is the gift of the Father sent from above,
To deliver salvation to prove and assure of His love.
Jesus gave His life to set captives free;
A gift to be remembered for all eternity.
He rose from grave and returned to the Father again;
To His love ones another gift send.
He sends Holy Spirit for inward strength, joy and insight.
The Lover of Souls causes abundant delight.
As you remember the reason for the season; and keep Christ in mind;
There are some wonderful Christ-inspired gift ideas to find.
Gifts of kindness, a service, or a loving word timely said,
That demonstrates you are by God’s Spirit led.
With Christ in mind your gift will not be forgotten or cause for disgrace.
They are gifts that remain; that deliver a Christmas-time embrace.

Proverbs 18:16
A man’s gift maketh room for him,
and bringeth him before great men.

1Timothy 6:18
That they do good, that they be rich in good works, ready to distribute,
willing to communicate;