Mary Had a Little Lamb By Brenda Drake

I always wondered why Mary would take a lamb to school.  Now I am wondering why I thought it was a bad idea. Jesus is the Lamb of God that I take now everywhere I go.  Let us pray that more people will allow His light to shine back in the school room.

Mary Had a Little Lamb

Jesus is the Lamb of God that was pure and white.
He too was Mary’s little lamb and her delight.
He grew up to become,
The Lamb that belongs to everyone.
He chose to die to save the lost,
On an old rugged cross.
This Lamb becomes Master, Savior, and friend,
To the one that allows Him to dwell within.
He will never leave you or forsake you …this word is true,
But still Mary’s Lamb is not allowed in school.
The children would laugh and play and have joy and peace,
But instead they are at war and violence will increase.
God’s commandments are no longer posted above the door,
For they do not allow the Lamb in the school anymore.
But surely what the Word says is true,
The Lamb of God can indeed go to the school.
If you live your testimony and shine your light bright,
The Lamb of God will still cause to the children great delight.
Prayer cannot be stopped by the rules of man;
So bring to every place the love of Jesus, Mary’s little Lamb.

John 1:36
And looking upon Jesus as he walked, he saith, Behold the Lamb of God!