Engraved in His Hand By Brenda Drake

I am at awe when I think about how majestic God is and so thankful for how much He has done to make me able to be one with Him for eternity.  There is no real reason for us to worry or be depressed.  He is the answer to every question and He is more than anything we could ever need.  He is in control; in faith remember, nothing can take us out of His loving care.

Engraved on His Hand

Your hurts, your pains,
Your bondage’s and your chains,
Your inability, your flaws inside,
The sins you’ve allowed to abide,
The evil thoughts, the hurtful plans,
The unkind words, the harsh demands,
Your fears, your heart’s cry,
Every untrue promise you’ve spoken, every lie,
Your greed, your lust, your shame,
Everything under the sun named,
Every sickness of body, soul, mind,
Every minute of wasted time,
Every hope or dream, every desire,
The secret place of inner fires,
Each thought, and unspoken request,
All kind deeds, every moment of needed rest.
All things I am acquainted with, for you see
I have experienced them already.
I suffered and felt the weight of them for you.
Know my friend this word is true.
Your remembrance is engraved in my hand.
When you have accepted my plan.
As you purpose to align with the Father’s will.
In you and through you His will is fulfilled.
So walk on I AM is in control of your life.
You are well known by your Lord Jesus Christ.

Isaiah 49:16
Behold, I have graven thee upon the palms of my hands;
thy walls are continually before me.

Psalms 31:15
My times are in thy hand: deliver me from the hand of mine enemies,
and from them that persecute me.