Give My Heart Vision By Brenda Drake

In the days ahead we need to keep our eyes on Jesus.  With His help we will see His hand at work answering prayer. We are called in troubled times to trust and have faith in God’s promises in the Word.  If God be for us what have we to fear?  God is good and at work for good to prosper.  Give us faith’s eyes to perceive Your hand moving in our behalf.  Allow us to hear the loving sounds of sure victory ahead.

Give My Heart Vision

Give me eyes to see what You see and ears to hear,
What perhaps normally would not sound to me clear.
Set my feet on the path of Your will each day.
Help me follow after my Lord that leads the way.
Give my heart vision to see beyond circumstances that bind;
Past all preconceived conceptions, help me leave them behind.
Give me ability to speak out against wrong;
Instant in worship and in praise’s joyful song.
Give me opportunity to serve You in the gift of today.
Help me to enjoy life as I seek to obey.
Grant me strength to assist in another’s need.
Help me be generous and not filled with greed.
As I ask for these favors I offer my life to live,
As a willing sacrifice that to You all the glory I give.

Romans 12:2
And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

Eyes of Faith By Brenda Drake

            Eyes of Faith believe what God’s Word says. Circumstances may paint a picture of doom or gloom, but faith will believe God hears and answers prayer and knows God has things planned for our best.  Faith filled eyes see the future as bright and full of promise. 

Eyes of Faith

No matter where I am Lord I know You are there.
Wherever I go You are aware.
The whole world is Yours and my treasure is in You.
So I in assurance and in freedom move.
There is nothing mine that I do not give back;
For I know You provide all that I lack.
I walk on golden streets that may feel like dust.
I have a great treasure stored away where it cannot rust.
My vision may be cloudy but it is clear enough to see,
Wherever I am You lead and guide me.
I have a wonderful future with precious jewels along the way.
It may look dark and gloomy but I see with eyes of faith.
I believe I receive all You have promised in the Word.
I will go forth in victory and will not be deterred.
Whatever comes and wherever I need to go,
There are some things Lord that I know:
You are able to keep me safe from harm,
And no matter what happens I need not be alarmed;
You are able to finish the work within my heart,
So in great expectation I will another glorious day start.

Mark 11:22
And Jesus answering saith unto them, Have faith in God.