In Tune With Life By Brenda Drake

Truly we once were dead in sin.  When we accept Jesus we are alive in the Spirit, in tune with God’s purpose and plan for our lives.  We are able to sing the songs of Salvation, in tune with the will of God’s forever song.

In Tune With Life

Rhythms of life, in tune with love;
A precious melody that glorifies God above.
Heart-felt emotions swells up to overflow,
To share life’s song for another heart to hold.
Steady, sweet, peaceful sounds bring comfort within;
A life in harmony with and one with Him.
Jesus is the Song of Salvation to bring life from death’s grasp.
He is the one song that never ends in fact,
His songs of love are multiplied in never-ending flow;
Like a holy fire, He is the anointing that spreads from soul to soul.
The rhythm of life is planted in soil prepared.
The Word is the seed planted in the heart aware.
The Word of God is the seed that great harvest brings.
Jesus is the Word that causes hearts to sing.
We plant Jesus at the end of every prayer request.
He has in the Word given us many promises.
In Jesus’ name we have answer to our every need.
Proving we are in tune with Life’s Seed.

Psalms 118:14-15
The Lord is my strength and song, and is become my salvation.
 The voice of rejoicing and salvation is in the tabernacles of the righteous: