God Sees it All By Brenda Drake

The worldly influences around us at times cause us to wonder at such wrong ideas and attitudes.  Although they at times even seem to prosper, there will be a day when all will answer to continued disobedience.   Nothing gets past God’s watchful eye.

God Sees it All

Who is high and mighty in the land?
That makes unholy demands?
Who is it who lies and will not the truth reveal?
Who continues to poke the sore spot and will not allow it to heal?
Who has made unholy plans that go against God’s Word?
Who has spread untruths so another’s witness is disturbed?
Who behind closed doors whispers evil intent?
And their wrong doings refuse to repent?
Blood stains the earth of lives destroyed by them.
They will not get away with their atrocities; God sees all of them.
God is love and whatever is not of God He hates.
At the removal of such unrepentance; He will not hesitate.
There is only One who is high and lifted up for all to see.
Only One is Truth, Life, and The Way and all glory receives.
But those that refuse to live a life with evil intent;
Will be as God’s representatives sent.
The Body of Christ, the Church, His bride;
Only they will be eternally at Jesus’ side.

Proverbs 15:3
The eyes of the Lord are in every place, beholding the evil and the good.