The Taste Test By Brenda Drake

I have thrown food together and it may turn out pretty tasty, but most of the time it is impossible to do it the same again.  My family is sure to tell me if it not as good as they remembered it to be.  I have learned it is much better to use a recipe.  I know some that seem to just go with the flow of life and do not take the time it takes to learn how to be a pleasing taste to our Lord.  I know one thing God does not enjoy the lukewarm!

The Taste Test

Most follow a recipe when a meal is prepared to guide them.
Some just randomly choose as they toss things in.
But directions are needed for consistency in flavor and texture;
Great care is required to the correct ingredients measure.
The end results are judged by the test of taste.
Or your efforts could find disgrace and become a waste.
This is a true story even in God’s realm my friend.
When your life is finished you will be tested by Him.
There is a recipe…read it and you will see.
That Jesus provided all that you need.
With His help there is so way of disgrace;
For with Him within there is no mistake.
Wise cooks remember the directions so when it turns out right,
They can easily again cause others delight.
Read the Word …do as Jesus did.
When you obey the Word you are by the Spirit led.
You will become all that God desires you to be,
A joy to Him and an example to foe, friends, and family,
Come taste and see that God is good,
And you too turn out the way you should.

Psalms 119:103
How sweet are thy words unto my taste! yea, sweeter than honey to my mouth!