Happy Birthday Jesus By Brenda Drake

            Merry Christmas; to all our friends and family and Happy Birthday to Jesus. Thank you Father for the precious, holy gift You sent to our fallen world on that day long ago. Thank you Jesus, for coming to earth as a tiny baby; showing to us the perfect example of humanity, ultimately to die to pay our debt of sin.  Because You are risen victorious we are able to spend eternity with You.

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Jesus, thank You for this day,
That we celebrate Your birth and give gifts away.
We can get so caught up on our preparations,
Leading up to our Christmas celebrations,
We sometimes forget why it is we gather at this time to share.
We go on with our day hardly acknowledging You are there.
Forgive us when we become so preoccupied,
That we forget You came to earth to for us die.
Help us to also think Your resurrection on this day,
And to each day honor You as You help us change our ways.
My Lord Jesus, born of a Virgin pure in a manger long ago,
I thank You for saving my soul.
So as a gift on this day I offer You my heart’s song;
As I remember on this day my eyes on You belong!

Luke 2:11
For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.

Gift Accepted By Brenda Drake

When you give and receive gifts celebrating the birth of Christ, remember, salvation is God’s greatest gift you will ever receive and the Good News is the best gift you can offer to another. We cannot earn redemption, it was offered free.  Jesus must get all the glory, for He did all the work.   When we strive in our effort to be good enough, we are working to earn it and are trying to save ourselves. It is amazing to me that many refuse such a wonderful gift.

Gifts Accepted

What would you think if someone received your gift,
And then attempted to pay for it?
You would think it silly and a waste,
If they insist, to the giver they cause disgrace.
God by Jesus’ sacrifice has offered you many things;
Countless gifts of promise He brings.
The greatest promise is salvation for the soul.
Because of what Jesus did you are whole.
It is done, it is finished; you need only to believe.
Salvation is sure when it is received.
To give thanks and praise is all you need to do.
So great is this gift bestowed on you.
You cannot repay the Master for Salvation.
You cannot earn what He has done.
His love extended to die in your place.
Great is the gift of grace.
Under grace’s cover there are more gifts bestowed;
They are of much more valuable than silver or gold.
Gifts of guidance, provision, and care,
Gifts of His peace and joy are also with you shared.
The gift of accountability as He takes control,
Gifts of knowledge are shared to enrich and make you whole.
To worry or fear at what lie ahead, is to try to a gift pay.
For it states God is unable to do as He says.
Accept His gifts, rest in His love and care for thee,
Then you are walking in the gift of life with the spirit free.

Romans 3:24
Being justified freely by his grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus:

Forgive me when I worry, I know You are able to lead and guide my path.  Thank You for Your wonderful, generous gifts of love and provision. I will forever be grateful for the wonderful gift of Salvation!