He Will Use Even a Feather

I know how it feels like to feel insignificant in our large world.   But now because of Jesus’ work on the cross, and the knowledge of the truth of His plan of salvation; He has made known the great value He sees in every soul.

He Will Use Even a Feather

A feather’s weight barely exists,
It a tiny ant can lift.
It may go unnoticed – no one acknowledges it,
It seems of no use, of little benefit.
But it is still a feather it has a place.
It takes up its own amount of space.
You perhaps feel like a feather’s worth;
Carrying very little-weight upon the earth.
You too may feel unnoticed and that no one cares,
And the world passes you by unaware.
But I tell you feathers can cause a great stir;
When the winds blow it travels undisturbed.
Feathers can cause a big man to fall to his knees,
When blown in the eye; up the nose it causes a great sneeze.
A feather can grace a grand bouquet or adorn a queen’s hat.
 It becomes a small child’s greatest treasure in fact.
Your life is very important, it is of great worth.
Because of your existence, Jesus came to the earth.
He esteems your profound value and He died to pay for your sins.
So He could use ( every supposed feather) to glorify him.
Come and allow God to show you that this word is so.
Allow Him to be of your life in control.

Psalms 139:14:14
I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made:
marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.