Believe to See it By Brenda Drake

I see ahead so many things by faith. I believe God hears and answers prayer.  I believe the Word of God; because I believe the Word I not only see it I receive it!  Do you believe God has blessed you and your family? Do you believe God has blessed our Nation?  Do you believe He has heard our collective repentance and answers our prayers for His will to be done? Can you or do you see by faith the great revival that is going to sweep over our world?  I do. I believe and now I see it on the horizon ahead.   

Believe To See it

Some say “To see it is to believe it”
But you truly must believe to see it.
Many with eyes open stumble through life,
And refuse to see or believe in Jesus Christ.
Their heart’s eyes are blind and other senses dulled.
Darkness and sin against the truth pulls.
Prayer and a steady example set will find,
That truth faithfully spoken may sink-in with time.
When you believe you will truly see,
The treasures that you are to receive.
Salvation is the greatest gift bestowed;
For new life is the treasure God foretold.
Believe and you will see so many things;
All health, wealth, and strength come from the King.
Believe and you will see darkness flee before your eyes;
The dull senses are refreshed and revived.
You will hear the heart-cry of another.
You will speak words-wise to help them discover.
You will pray with new fervor and expectation,
And speak the truth with conviction without hesitation.
When you believe you indeed will see.
Your God’s hand working for and through thee,

John 11:40
Jesus saith unto her, Said I not unto thee, that, if thou wouldest believe,
thou shouldest see the glory of God?

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