The Gift Arrived on Time By Brenda Drake

The Gift Arrived on Time
By Brenda drake

There is a story to tell of a Father’s gift,
That traveled farther than the mind can comprehend.
Priceless ….only one of a kind,
Never to be replaced…impossible again to find.
So precious it’s arrival was announced to multitudes about.
And a star stopped by in worship to it’s light shine out.
Not to a mansion rich was this gift bestowed,
But in a stable wrapped in swaddling clothes.
Cattle witnessed the arrival of God’s Son,
Born of a virgin to die for the sins of everyone.
He needed to grow to offer His life one day.
So our sin and our debt could be washed away.
The gift was sent when the truth
Of the Father’s gift was revealed to you.
When you fully comprehend the wonder and the grace.
The gift arrived on time…salvation takes place.
What a wonderful story is shared in heaven each day.
When one accepts the Father’s gift…and carries His glory away
Born anew it all begins again.
For now you as a part of Him is a gift He sends.
To deliver the truth to another.
So the true Christmas story is discovered.

2 Corinthians 9:15
Thanks be unto God for his unspeakable gift.

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