Gift Extravagant and Plain By Brenda Drake

            How I love the Christmas season with all the bright -lights, joy, and worship music.  It seems love, peace, and good-will fills the air. It would be wonderful if we could experience it year-round.

Gift Extravagant and Plain

The world observes the birth of Christ,
But not all welcome Him in their life.
They may decorate a tree,
And place a star above to see,
But do not acknowledge the One that died on the tree for them.
They treat the Christmas story as a legend.
They pass their gifts extravagant and plain,
Without honoring the One most-magnificent the angels proclaimed.
Jesus arrived as a precious gift wrapped in skin,
Holy proclaimed King by those who beheld Him.
As the day approaches set aside to bring Him glory.
Profit comes in the telling of the Christmas story.
You live in trying times with some little pleasures along the way,
But know the Babe celebrated, lived, died, rose and is alive today.
He sits at the Father’s side observing things great and small.
In the hearts of the wise they know He sees it all.
Come and bow now at the feet of the One you adore;
Knowing one day every knee will bow and declare Jesus is Lord.

2 Corinthians 9:15
Thanks be unto God for his unspeakable gift.

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