Tree of Celebration By Brenda Drake

It is good to praise and celebrate the birth of the Lord.  A part of our celebration is the tree that we light and decorate. I celebrate every year the birth of Jesus the One that hung on a tree for the sins of us all.    

Tree of Celebration
By Brenda Drake

Once was the days of youth, when you searched for the tree;
Tromping through the snow with vigor and glee;
Laughing at each other’s choices,
Until “the one” chosen was proclaimed in jubilant voices.
Out came the treasured ornaments from the past and some new,
A pretty angel or the star was placed on top too.
The dry fallen needles embedded in the cracks in the floor,
Were gladly endured to celebrate the birth of the Lord.
In later years came the tree that did not grow,
One that needed to be formed by a color code.
Beautiful still and still caused much pleasure;
Holding all you newest and oldest homemade treasures.
And now much later perhaps in your life,
The tree has shrunk down in your sight.
A tiny little tree that on a table sits;
But still your love and respect for Jesus represents.
With a tiny little tree, heart memories abound;
As you reminiscence tromping in snowy ground.
And you wonder at the change that has taken place within,
As you celebrate Christ’s birth watching palms blowing in the wind

Psalms 147:1
Praise ye the Lord: for it is good to sing praises unto our God;
for it is pleasant; and praise is comely.

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