Flower of Faith By Brenda Drake

The first word of the salvation plan planted as a seed quickly grows into wonderful faith that flowers to receive the gift the Father had always planned.  What a great day, and what a wonderful gift bestowed upon us.  What a privilege and honor to know He not only saved us He desires to help us each day to accomplish all we were destined to do.  The only thing that will perhaps surpass the beauty of salvation will be the day I am wrapped in the arms of Jesus on the other side.

Flower of Faith

Limited is the flesh; it is moved when eyes see
But the spirit-man by faith believes.
As you begin to understand,
You will receive as the Father plans.
You will receive with heart open wide,
When the flower of faith blooms inside.
Set your heart to good things expect.
Your God has not changed His plans for great benefit.
Do what you can do, always do your best.
Do not get out of sorts and stressed.
Remember God is your divine supply,
I assure you your water never runs dry.
So great is the river that flows to you and through your life.
Many will come and take a drink of Christ.
With heart ready and mind on God’s Word,
With face set in confidence new faith occurs.
Shout from the housetops the Good News.

And God’s favor floods over you.

Hebrew 11:5
And without faith it is impossible to please him, for whoever would draw near to God must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who seek him.

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