Mothers: Amazing Creations By Brenda Drake

            I desire to honor my mother.  She was an unwed teenager when she decided to have her first born child.  I am that child, I am forever grateful for her sacrifice to have me, it indeed was a sacrifice for she endured much shame and blame.  Her life was forever changed the day I was conceived.  My life is forever connected to her.  I love you mom and will rejoice when we are again reunited in Christ Jesus.

Amazing Creations

Mothers are amazing creations; within them life is formed.
So special is this place, God visits before the child is born.
Her name is to be honored and celebrated,
For by her sacrifice God’s love is demonstrated.
Mothers are mothers until the end.
Their child is forever connected to them.
Like the she-bear she will fight;
No one anywhere is more precious in her sight.
Like the Creator is always planning for your best,
The mother by her child’s accomplishments is blessed.
Mother’s day remembers the good things right and true;
And place aside the temporary things that need to improve.
A wise child remembers if it was not for her where would they be?
She is responsible for your future indeed.
Give thanks and praise to the Heavenly Father for such a gift bestowed.
Mothers are a blessed treasure your heart holds.

Psalms 139 13
For thou hast possessed my reins:
thou hast covered me in my mother’s womb.

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