He Calls Me Flower by Brenda Drake


This poem inspired the cover art of my book, Waves of Comfort, which is being published in early 2017. The water is a representation of God – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – He is the Living Water constantly leading, guiding, and sustaining us. The flower represents the child of God resting in His precious care.

By Brenda Drake

Waves of Comfort, peace, and joy, flow
From above, to my needy soul.
In troubles and trial, He is there,
Lifting, and assisting, proving He cares.
In the harsh winds He guards with His hand.
With sweet promise, He helps me understand.
His love surrounds, and passes through me – at the same time,
With whispered promise, He says… You are mine.
Do not fear or worry, I am with you every hour.
Then, my heart melts – and yet soars – when He calls me, Flower.

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