Inner Beauty by Brenda Drake


Inner Beauty By Brenda Drake

Beauty shines from within
The soul that has been fully cleansed
Gone is the stain that was so deep,
That the vessel was ruined; of little value to keep.
A saved soul has a wonderful glow to it
It shines up into heaven, for, God moves through it.
Sweet, pure waters flow from this place,
With the wonderful, refreshing, mercy; provided in grace.
An acceptable sacrifice, more precious than gold.
A beautiful, treasure, the Father holds.
Made after the image of Jesus … formed by God’s hand,
A lovely bride for His Son; as He, always planned.
Beautiful, are the feet of them, that share the Good News with others.
They shine, as a finely cut diamond; offered to their soul’s lover.
Many people, strive for earthly beauty, that fades as time passes by.
However, the loveliness of the saved soul, is never to be denied
For, the eyes shine; with new hope, and the heart is glad.
For, the future is  bright … and circumstances has lost the hold it had
The light within them, beckons, for the lost to “Come and see
What the Lord has done, and to salvation receive”
Love, causes hearts to smile; with songs of praise to Jesus the Christ,
A most beautiful, and lovely sight; that causes Him  great delight.

Rom 10:15
How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things!


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