The Sweet Taste of Jesus By Brenda Drake


The Sweet Taste of Jesus

The sweet taste of the name of Jesus upon the lips of clay;
Is a forever pleasure that never fades away.
The more you speak it loud and clear
The sourness of life’s woes disappears.
Speak it, to the mountain; that blocks the light in your day,
And the clouds of depression cannot stay.
At the name of Jesus, in a whispered prayer, you will find,
A satisfying, assurance of heart, and, added peace to the mind.
Joy wraps itself around you and within overflows,
With the sweet touch of salvation’s sure hold.
What is sweeter, than a future, unblemished by the past?
What is sweeter; than the promise, of never having fear or lack?
At the name of Jesus; every knee will bow,
Some under protest, and some; willing, even now.
To the heart fully submitted, Jesus’ name, is sweet to taste.
Everything about Him is fully embraced.
But to the heart rebellious; His name offends.
They push it away from their thoughts…far away from them.
To them Jesus is a foul taste to speak and to hear.
Pray their aversion disappears.
Pray that they begin to hunger and they will taste and see,
The sweet, name of Jesus; and all He has done to set them free.

Psalm 34:8
O taste and see that the LORD is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him.

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