He Heard Me By Brenda Drake


This is an excerpt from my book Waves of Comfort.

      I remember as a young child standing in my room at my Grandmother’s house, looking up to the heavens and saying, “ God, if you are really there why don’t you talk to me?” I listened but I did not hear a thing.
Many years later after I had asked Jesus to be my Lord and Savior and had invited Him in my heart….. I heard him speak!
I was sound asleep and I heard “God is Love, Jesus is forgiveness” I woke up immediately.  Oh how excited I was – I knew it was God!  I then woke my husband up and repeated the wonderful message He spoke to me (he probably thought I had went crazy). I wrote it down in a little book.  I was so excited not only could I talk to God but He would speak to me!
Much later after the Holy Spirit taught me to listen I received this poem that reminded me of that day when as a child I called out that I wanted to hear him.  He had heard me!  I just could not hear Him

There was a small girl child with eyes open wide to see,
She called out to the heavens, to a word from God receive.
She challenged me to listen  and to speak to her clear,
However, she did not have a heart able to hear.
Many years went by and I called out to her many times.
One fine day, her heart with truth aligned.
It still took her awhile,to rest enough to hear my voice.
Now, the little child, can daily draw near so her heart can rejoice.

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