The Perfect Place By Brenda Drake


The Perfect Place

There is a perfect place where the sun shines bright
That is private, safe, and completely out of sight
Where, your words and thoughts are heard before you even speak.
And, where all that is of most value, is safe there to keep.
In this place, the atmosphere promotes peace, joy, and goodwill.
Its space is wide and vast but with promise filled.
It has pure waters that forever flow
Pleasure dwells within every visiting soul.
Where food that nourishes heart, mind, and emotions,
Is offered with utter respect and with pure, loving devotion
Its space, is reserved just for you to come,
Into the realm provided by the grace and mercy of the Holy One
Come to the secret place of prayer
Into God’s embrace that He with you will share:
His joy, His wisdom, and His helping hand,
With His strength, and power, to go forth, to live and to serve your fellow man.
To reach and to teach others and to show the way,
To (the perfect place) entered when you pray.

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