The Voice of God by Brenda Drake


The Voice of God

God’s voice can thunder across the sky
Or it can penetrate through walls that are built up inside
Walls of self- sufficiency; are very thick, it is true.
Nevertheless, God has a way of getting through.
Man chooses to listen or not to hear His call,
When he does hear; crashing down comes the walls.
The hardness, of the unforgiving heart, is very strong.
It shuts out God’s love songs.
The terrible barriers of hatred, closes up so tight,
That darkness bars the entrance, of Love’s light.
Jesus is the Word spoken from the cross to man,
That will break down the dividers; just as the Father planned.
Love enters the place that is barren and lost;
And makes new; by the work of the cross.
Right now, the Spirit speaks of love and light.
He speaks in the stillness His words of delight.
The voice of wisdom makes a great impression
It satisfies, and fills up, with joy, peace, and inner reflection.
When you are hungry for wisdom … Come and read the Word,
You will marvel at God’s voice heard.
When you are hurt and wounded, and are in inner pain,
Come, and seek the Great Physician; that calls out your name.
He will restore, heal, and comfort with His loving touch,
That speaks loudly within to show you He loves you much.

Prov 8:20
I lead in the way of righteousness, in the midst of the paths of judgment:


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