Gossiping Gus By Brenda Drake



Gossiping Gus
By Brenda Drake

He runs from house to house, old Gossiping Gus.
His mouth is like a storm; always blowing up a fuss.
He spreads deep, dark, secrets, or, even lies around.
He shares with every listening ear; all the news he has found.
He daintily nibbles the morsel of rumor, each bite he savors.
Gossiping Gus is not selfish; he shares with all his friends and neighbors.
It matters not to him the damage his mouth incurs.
He easily can make excuse for his unholy words.
Gossiping Gus, is always welcome; by others with gossiping tongues.
They are everywhere; they are old and they are young.
They can’t be trusted – never let them see,
Any flaws, or, imperfections; hidden in thee.
Or, you will find, you’ve become the target of their game.
Then you, will be ripped and torn apart and defamed.
The only way you are free is to stay away from them.
For it is sometimes very tempting to join in.
Perhaps you have taken part in a nibble; a time or two.
First: repent, and then pray, for other gossiping Gus’s too
Pray, that their tongue, will do what it was meant to do from the start,
To lift up, to edify, to sing, and to give praise from a pure heart!

Prov 21:23
Whoso keepeth his mouth and his tongue keepeth his soul from troubles.

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