Unfailing Love by Brenda Drake


UNFAILING LOVE by Brenda Drake

His unfailing love fills the earth…it is displayed for all to see,
From the mountains to the plains reveal His majesty.
His sunrises and sunsets paint the sky,
Causing pleasure to the watchful eye.
The bird’s song; gentle breezes that caress the brow,
The flight of the eagle, the waving palms that bow,
The mighty cedars, and the tiny seed that grows.
The cross of Calvary provided to save the sinful soul.
His gentle prodding that encourages to come.
The fierce, intense flooding of the soul, that with His love is overcome.
His love fills the earth and enters and surrounds,
The receptive heart, that has opened to self-will lay down.
His joy, His praise, His strength and His power become
All a part of the life of His chosen one.
Opened eyes begin to see His glory on every side,
For His unfailing love, is without measure for His bride.

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