Mother’s Day Honor by Brenda Drake

mother images (1)
Mother’s Day Honor

Mother’s day honors the one in your life,
That has added increase and light.
She may or may not have given birth to you,
But her influence has greatly your life improved.
Mothers may be more recognized as Mom in name,
But she will answer at all times at the call proclaimed.
Her life is celebrated by the old and the young too,
Without her what would the world do?
She loves like God, with a love willing to serve.
She too loves even when her love is undeserved.
She carries the burden of her child till the day she dies.
The good, godly mother always lifts her child’s name high.
In both in praise and in prayer her devotion is shown.
To the eyes of the world her love for you is known.
Honor your mother and those about that have this place filled.
When you do you also honor God…It indeed is His will.

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