Soon to Dance to the Tune of Victory By Brenda Drake




dancinga47cfc796caceb8808a22475806f6e68This is an update poem to share with you my health issues.  I am sure there are many people going through troubles and trials that feel like they will never end.  Are you not  glad we have the strength of the Lord to get us through it all?  I am.

Soon to Dance to the Tune of Victory

I am limping into tomorrow with faith again I will run.
Walking on the path of suffering is not what I call fun.
But I will still walk to the tune of salvation’s song,
Praising God and praying for it is He who makes us strong.
My Head has been filled with the truth that has set me free,
I by faith walk ahead to where I need to be.
I live in a body with ailments filled with pain,
But by faith my healing I claim in Jesus’ name.
I am confident in His help to see me through
With Him there nothing I am unable to do.
I limp into tomorrow with my eyes and head sore,
But I am still strong with the strength of my Lord,
My friends I know are praying and my Best friend hears their plea.
Soon I will be running and dancing to the tune of victory!

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