Whispered Promises By Brenda Drake


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This poem ministered to me when I was tempted to give up on my dream of writing my poetry  books for the Lord.  I still reread it to gather strength to continue on to receive all I believe our Lord whispered as His will within me.   Perhaps it will encourage you to grab on to the hope of the dreams He has planted in your heart too.

Whispered Promise By Brenda Drake

I know what Jesus whispered in my heart years ago,
Some very wonderful things He wanted me to know,
Words of encouragement of what is ahead for me.
Such wonderful, far-reaching things He wanted me to see.
I keep them safe-inside…. These jewels of hope ahead.
I have placed them in His care to bring about the things He has said.
I have occasionally brought them again to my God in prayer,
Almost, as if to remind Him that they were still there.
In troubled times, I bring them out to cause my heart cheer,
Along with sweet memories of answered prayers drawn near.
I am still waiting for some of them – it still is not the right time.
I know He is doing a work in me so I fit into His designs.
When the evil one says, “Forget about it – it will not come to pass,”
That is when I praise God for the ability to look ahead – not back.
His love is faithful, and on His knowledge of my future, I depend.
I am so sure… I will take them out now and rejoice over them again!

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