If a Flower Could Fly By Brenda Drake


Romans 12:1
I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service.

              This poem was very special to me.  Before Jesus I was a self-centered kind of person.  I never was unkind or unhelpful but I still measured all my service through my desires, to my benefit if at all possible.  The Lord, in one of our special moments, called me “Flower”.  I love flowers so I thought it was a real nice nick-name.  Now I understand the deeper meaning of His desire for me; we are all His flowers, growing in the kingdom of God for His glory.

If a Flower Could Fly

If a flower could fly it would probably go,
Where is would be appreciated – close to the nose.
It would share its beauty with those in need,
And it wouldn’t be stingy with its seeds.
If there was someone sick they would be moved,
To help lift their spirits, so they would fly there too.
Their beauty would be easily recognized,
And would draw attention to lift up the eyes.
Now, this seems to be a silly story I tell you this day.
What hidden meaning is tucked away?
The one I call the flower is in service to the King,
Always willing, to offer itself as an offering.
They will share the sweet aroma of Christ,
To enrich another, with the truth that delights.
Yes, my flowers will indeed fly to assist.
Their prayers will not an opportunity miss.
Self-serving, does not occupy their time,
For they are fully committed; with the Spirit aligned.
If flowers could fly they would go to pure waters again and again;
To be refreshed, so their vibrant colors would remain.
So come often, to partake of the Living Water, and you will see,
That you are the flower I send that will fly for me.

Father I so desire to cause pleasure to you, my prayer is to smell like Jesus.  Help me to be as the flower He sends to cheer another soul.


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