The PeaceMaker By Brenda Drake


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Matthew 5:
Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.

            Do you sometimes feel like a big Band-Aid in a troubled, hurting world?  Or perhaps it is more like an umpire?  Maybe it is because you are hard at work being a peacemaker.  I say hard work, because it is.  We need to die to self, to help keep peace in our family, with our friends and even in our Church relationships.   Jesus is our example to follow; for He is after all the Prince of Peace.

The Peacemaker

Who are the peacemakers upon the earth?
What do they look like?  What are their works?
There are many that believe,
That you must compromise to promote peace.
But the peacemaker that glorifies Christ,
Will walk and talk Christ-like.
Jesus called sinners, sinners, and sin, sin.
But He offered His life, to bring new life and peace to them.
The peacemaker is the one that pardons foe and friend;
That will pray for the one that offends.
The peacemaker will not carry unprofitable words to another’s ear,
For their words, must cause anger’s fires to disappear.
Sometimes those that bestow peace remain undetected.
But like Jesus, as they die to self, they are by new life resurrected.
Who is the peacemaker?  The one that prefers another as best,
That will even when wronged choose to forgive.
Those that take extra time to learn to live God’s way,
Submits to God’s Word and elects to speak truth and words of praise.
The peacemaker may suffer ridicule, for some consider them weak.
But one day, it will be revealed, they stand in God’s strength.
He will draw His beautiful bride to His side to forever stand,
In the peaceful place, with the Prince of Peace; just as He always planned.

Thank You Lord for the sweet peace poured in and through my life. Because of Your work in my behalf, I am able to rest in in the love and provisions of Your care even in troubled times.  Help me be a source of peace and harmony to those in need of Your loving touch.


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