The Word Was Silent By Brenda Drake

jesus silentcapture_2017-04-11-04-27-39

Luke 23:9
Then he questioned with him in many words; but he answered him nothing.

           I have never been good at holding back my words; especially when I know I am right.  Jesus was perfectly right in every way and He kept silent.  He is the Word of God who spoke His love from the cross.  We are encouraged to speak the Word each day; with God’s help I will never be silent.

The Word Was Silent

Jesus spoke not a word as His accusers railed.
He was beaten and bruised and to a rugged cross nailed.
In His silence, God’s Word stood still.
Standing in the gap to do the Father’s will.
The Word was silent; silenced by man,
Crucified, by His creation’s hands.
The celebration of evil was short lived,
As they marveled at their victory in all they did.
But the silence was broken; the Word burst again to life.
Never to be held down in darkness for He is also Light.
Born again believers who have accepted the truth
Now has the joyful possession of the Living Word.
In the name of Jesus make your requests;
Read, study the Word and when it inside rests,
You will find it is not silent anymore.
The wise child speaks the Word of the Lord.
It is powerful, sharp, precise in every way,
Carefully measure, each word you think, and especially what you say.
Jesus was silent only when He needed to be,
But truly when you the truth see,
In His silence He carried forth the Father’s plan.
God provision spoke loud and clear throughout the land.

Thank You Jesus for being my example in every way.  Teach me to carefully measure my words to glorify You.  Fill me up with the Word of God, open my heart and mind to be overflowing with wisdom from above so I am able to successfully share theGood News with others.

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