Christmas Story from Heavens Point of View By Brenda Drake

How beautiful is the Christmas story.  It is even more meaningful
from heavens point of view.



From Heaven’s View-Point

When the Christmas story is told from heaven’s point of view
Perhaps you will see better the gift bestowed on you.
The Father had placed His greatest in the care of man.
The Creator was in His creations hands.
The most precious, pure, and holy was placed,
In the young mother’s clumsy embrace.
The sweetest was sent to the world gone sour,
Born to die; to be by the earth devoured.
The Father’s wisdom into the babe was richly poured,
To be reviled by most and by some greatly adored.
The babe lay in a manger with stench to surround.
Beautiful baby born, so the truth could be found.
Angels sang an anthem of praise;
The star lit the sky to show the way.
Heaven held its breath at such love displayed,
To earth was delivered God’s provision to be saved
The Christmas story, the Easter Story and the story yet to come,
In the eyes of heaven, they are all seen as one
Soon, the One born to die, and raised up victorious; so you can be born anew,
Finishes the Christmas story, when He comes back to rule and reign with you.

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