Faith in Tomorrow’s Sunshine By Brenda Drake


god hands

Faith in Tomorrow’s Sunshine

This year is past; I leave behind all its trouble and pain.
Looking in faith at tomorrow’s sunshine and protection from life’s rains.
With renewed hope in God’s provisions,
And with sweet assurance of His help in all life’s decisions.
Our New Year resolutions are numerous that many last,
A couple of days, or even a few weeks perhaps.
But when we dedicate just one day at a time,
To live the good way God designed;
Even if we fail, when the next day starts,
It is another new day God provide for the journey of the heart.
One day at a time; doing our very best,
Each day repenting of the sin confessed.
Loving God by loving our neighbor, shining out His light
Each added into yet another year in service to Jesus Christ.


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