The Seeking Heart’s Great Desire By Brenda Drake



The Seeking Heart’s Great Desire

It is a busy world with so much to do;
My goal Lord is to spend quality time with you.
In all my obligations it is hard to find,
The sweet place where only You fill my mind.
It is a desire so great I ask in this prayer to Thee,
Arrange and provide a perfect time for us to meet,
Just You and I; with our hearts fully in-tune and in accord.
Where my heart is freed to worship and peace is in my mind restored.
Help me Lord, to learn to be disciplined in such a way,
That You are always the first meeting in my day.
Arrange my to-do-list so it gets done in the way best.
It is my great desire to in Your strength and ability rest
And then when my day is over and I finally lay down to sleep,
To in confidence I know,  Jesus, my Greatest Desire, my soul keeps.

Psalms 21:2
Thou hast given him his heart’s desire,
and hast not withholden the request of his lips

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