Trust is By Brenda Drake


trust images

Nahum 1:7
The Lord is good, a strong hold in the day of trouble;
and he knoweth them that trust in him.

          We find countless opportunities in everyday life to practice our professions of trust. Many times it is misplaced, and proven untrue; with the action of another trust is broken.  God is faithful, and trustworthy.  He is always on our side, and can be trusted to help, lead and guide us to the place best for us.

Trust is

Trust, a small word with a large meaning; it encompasses much.
These word just a tip of its meanings touch.
Trust does not strive or work to meet its goal;
It is more like rest which peacefully flows.
Trust does not accuse or condemn; it does not easily turn away.
Trust stands firm and cannot easily be swayed.
When God asks His children to trust, it His desire for them to believe,
In His provisions; no matter the harsh winds, or how desperate is their needs.
Trust is not grounded on perfect knowledge or an understanding of all things.
It is founded on the reliability of the Most High, the Risen King.
Trust is unable to successfully survive,
In the same vessel where fear and worry abide.
Worry is an opposite emotion, it testifies distrust.
To glorify God, to renounce anxiety is a must.
Trust will expect the best, and marches forward without pause.
Trust will rejoice in truth and the integrity of God’s laws.
To trust God and His ability and might,
Is the greatest wisdom your soul is able to delight.

Father, I trust Your help in whatever situation I find myself in.  Forgive me when I allow fear, anxiety or worry to spoil the wonderful peaceful place provided for souls that place their trust in the Word of God.



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