The Treasures of Man By Brenda Drake

scripture art

Matthew 6:21
For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

            The older I get I find my treasures are changing.  I now value friendships, and family above material things.  My greatest treasure is my relationship with my Lord.  He is the treasure of my heart.  My great desire is to share Him with others.

The Treasures of Man

Treasures are precious and are kept safe;
Sometimes they are put on display.
Some favorite possessions have great value upon the earth,
And some are sentimental and not of much material worth.
Some treasure family and some treasure friends.
The list of valuables seem to never end.
A treasure can be a memory kept safe deep inside.
Other treasures may be things you need to hide.
Treasure surely can become
A burden when it is all said and done.
When this happens what you need to do,
Is to examine close what is gathered to you.
Are they more significant to you than Christ?
Do they hold the most important place in your life?
If you were asked to give up any or all of them;
Would your life be worth living then?
Could you offer them as a sacrifice?
Would you be able to let them go for Jesus Christ?
Know, God loves you and does not desire to take away from thee.
His desire is to pour more abundance on thee.
But he desires to be your greatest treasure; He is jealous of your love.
Know this is a word delivered from above.

Lord You are my greatest treasure.  Thank You for all the lovely people and things You have bestowed upon me.





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