Because He is Alive and is Risen By Brenda Drake

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Revelations 1:18
I am he that liveth, and was dead; and, behold, I am alive for evermore, Amen; and have the keys of hell and of death.

            I did not know I was dead.  I was young, and felt I had a long future ahead.  I did not know I was bound in sin.  I did not know the future destination of my unsaved soul; I did not know I was in great need of a Savior.  But my life made a forever change because Jesus is alive and He is Risen.  I am no longer a walking dead man.  I am born anew in Christ.

Because He is Alive and Risen

Rise up dead man new life awaits.
Do not tarry do not hesitate.
Because of the work done on the cross,
The dead man need not remain lost.
Rise up to your feet stand,
Then, bow as low as you can.
Because Jesus is alive and Risen and paid your sins price,
You that are truly dead will have His life.
Because He is Alive and Risen the heart sad can sing.
The poorest to the richest is able to offer their new life to the King
Celebrate the wondrous victory of life over death.
Celebrate sin’s grasp is loosed and Jesus conquered it.
Celebrate the future shines like diamonds on streets of gold,
With joys unspeakable to yet unfold.
Evil stole away God’s creation, but Father always had a plan;
So great is His love for fallen man.
If you know Jesus as Savior and friend,
Then let the celebrations begin.
But if you are not yet born anew,
Rise up dead man, your God is calling out to you.

I am forever grateful that I was saved from a forever without Your love.  I am Yours Lord I offer my life to live for You.  I know as I do You live Your life in me.  So wonderful is the work of the cross and the glorious day of Your Ressurection.

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