Little Flower Tucked Away By Brenda Drake


boy flower th (1)

Little Flower Tucked Away

The little flower is very fragile on the vine.
It can easily be ripped off in the windy times.
It may become slightly tattered in the hard rain,
But it hangs on and still remains.
It may not inspire with its beauty, in fact most do not see,
What it offers to world as its goodness to receive.
But along comes the small child,
The small tattered flower causes him to smile.
Little hands reach out and carefully grasp the bloom in his fist,
To take to his mother his precious gift.
To him it is a great treasure,
That has caused to him great pleasure.
Mom takes it and places in a little glass or vase,
And enjoys the delight in her child’s face.
The little flower is later secretly pressed in a book to keep;
A keepsake to remember her child’s offering so sweet.
Now this story is true time and time again,
The tiny bloom probably would’ve been torn away by the wind;
Never to be seen or remembered except by God above,
But now it’s encased and preserved as a testament of love.
Your existence seems so invaluable sometimes too,
But your life touches so many about you.
One day, as the small bud ‘s revealed that was kept tucked away;
Your life’s bloom too will be on display.
You will be surprised to see and hear.
The bits of memories. others have kept to them most dear.
You will see evidence of the pleasure you brought by your love.
You then will gladly give all the praise to your God above.

Psalms 37:18
The LORD knoweth the days of the upright: and their inheritance shall be for ever.



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