Prayer for the Poor and Needy By Brenda Drake

         the light of prayer

  There are so many that are poor and needy; not only monetarily, but spiritually.  I have been both at one time or another.  I am thankful for the prayers of others in my behalf.

Prayer for the Poor and Needy

Father I pray,
For the poor and needy ones today.
For those who are so sad
Those who have lost most everything they had.
For those who feel life has let them down,
And pain and misery is all they have found
I pray that the greatest treasure they find
The One who will give them peace of mind.
Pour into them a rich, full expectation of good,
So the deep knowledge of their worth is understood.
Fan the flames of hope within to add to their stature faith,
Give them joy unspeakable…melt away all  hate.
Let their lips sing songs of praise to lift oppression.
Cause the salvation story to be their confession.
Add to their life new abundance so they can give,
To help another in triumph to live.
Fill their prayer time with requests for the poor and needy too,
So even more will find their way to You.

1 Thessalonians 5:16-17
Pray without ceasing.

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