Calm Your Troubled Sea By Brenda Drake


          jesus toubled water

  In one of my tipsy-turvy times trying to figure out things on my own; I was not even able pray because of the churning in my spirit.  The Lord revealed how really simple it is to get the peace back that I once enjoyed in His presence.  All it really takes is a humble heart that fully admits its inability to go it alone, and that truly repents of its self-assured ways.  We are now able to trust the truth of the Word, and can use the name of Jesus in our prayer requests.  Even if we still do not have all the answers we can rest in His ability and will for our life.

Calm Your Troubled Sea

Within you it is not calm or at peace,
A storm rages, there is a troubled sea,
Your thoughts are uncertain; blowing with the wind,
Some wrong emotions are bottled up within.
Tossed to one side, then to another,
Rocking in a vessel but seeking cover,
But it is not a pleasant journey at all,
If you attempt to stand you stumble and fall.
This is not a word of rebuke as you might suppose,
It is a word to assure you, all things God knows.
What can be done about this trouble within?
Admit your attitude is indeed sin.
Admit your faith needs working on,
And that you are weak not all that strong.
As for the troubled waters about you;
Something can be done for that too.
Jesus’ love provided your redemption.
He broke the chains and bondage of sin,
He deposited new authority to your new man.
He offers His name to respectfully make your demands.
In Jesus name, declare to the raging water, peace be still;
Perfectly fitting in the Father’s will.
The enemy will surely torment the heart that allows him to.
This need not be, heed this word delivered to you.

John 16:23
Hitherto have ye asked nothing in my name: ask, and ye shall receive, that your joy may be full.

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