The Plain Path by Brenda Drake

path biblia-aberta

When I first started walking on the path of Jesus I wondered how I could ever glorify Him, for I knew all my shortcomings and inabilities.  But the longer I follow Him I realize I could never measure up if it was left to my own effort.  There is a Way; Jesus.  He is the plain path.  It the provision of the cross and His strength, and ability working in us that assures us we will arrive right on time.

Plain Path

You have set me on the path and clearly show the way.
You provide food and drink so my strength will stay.
You have shod my feet and clothed me to withstand what lies ahead.
Your presence walks before me and tells me there is no need to dread.
Your Word is my passport; no one can bar my stand.
And when there are adversaries I have right to the appointed land.
Your name is all authority and where You send I go.
There is no need to worry or fear for You are in control.
As I walk the plain path many will watch how I walk,
They observe my actions and reactions and listen to the way I talk.
When darkness comes Your source of light shines;
So I am able to assist another to the plain path find.
Together we walk Lord to the destination planned for me;
Where I will enter into Your presence for eternity.
Like a sweet reunion of lovers that never again part;
The redeemed enters the Kingdom of the Father’s heart;
Joined; forever with the One that died to save our soul,
Joined to Jesus, as His bride to have and to hold.
Oh sweet goal that lies ahead for me,
With Your help I will be able to walk the plain path successfully.

Psalms 27:11
Teach me thy way, O Lord, and lead me in a plain path, because of mine enemies.

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