Border Walkers By Brenda Drake


walking the fence

I am sorry to say I have been a border-walker a time or two.   I seek always to stay way inside the fence now and I desire to be hot to the taste of my God.  It never is an appealing place to walk so close to to the edge of grace.

Border Walkers

Living on the edge, on the fringe of grace;
Showing to the world an acceptable face.
Walking on the border, but sometimes in fact,
Traveling a road that is way off track.
Doing some things known to be wrong;
But carefully  contrite for being where they do not belong.
Do you fool God?  Do you think you are in control?
Do you believe you can play with the world and still save your soul?
Masters are chosen, remember this is true,
When you walk the border – the flesh will choose.
Masters are chosen each and every day’
To serve self, or to the  Holy Spirit obey.
God’s love is more than you could ever comprehend.
Do not walk the border, come on in.
Come and commune with Me and I will fill you up anew.
Come and you will help other border walkers to come in too.
Come to your God you will become instead hot to taste;
For border walker are lukewarm and are a waste.

Revelation 3:14
So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth

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