When there’s too Much Merry in your Christmas By Brenda Drake


Have a Merry Christ, but not too merry!

When there’s too Much Merry in your Christmas

You spent way too much money and consumed a little too much wine,
You have run out energy and patience at the same time.
The Christmas decorations are lovely to see,
And you have overdone yourself on the Christmas tree.
The big day is fast approaching; dinner planned, and gifts wrapped tight.
Yes your great efforts will surely cause delight.
But you are feeling a bit dragged and a little amiss.
Perhaps you packed a little too much merry in your Christmas.
Take a rest and bask in love’s light awhile.
Think of real the reason for Christmas; allow your heart to smile.
Offer all your hard work and your life as a gift to Him.
He will give you some more merry to pack into Christmas again.

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