What’s on my Mind? By Brenda Drake

What’s on my mind and on my heart?  Here goes.  This is my attempt to write not in rhyme but in prose.  I would like to think I am wiser than I used to be, my God over the years has poured so much in me, but every once and awhile I get a glimpse back at who I was in my past.  Then I wonder was that really me back then?  Yes there is a difference I am new and changed by Him.  My heart now really does care for those around me, I am now very aware of nature’s beauty that surrounds me. I am now able to look into someone’s eyes and see God looking back, and I now appreciate all I do have and not concentrate on all that I lack.  When you look back are you aware of the changes in you? I believe you are a miracle in progress too.  Aren’t you glad God poured Himself out to fill us up with Him? I know I am wiser because Jesus lives within.  So now as you can see all I have to say does not need to rhyme.  Perhaps I will share my heart in my attempt of prose yet another time.


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