A Poem a Day By Brenda Drake

Do you love Jesus and poems that glorify Jesus?  If so perhaps you will be blessed as I have been by the Scriptures and  inspired words of rhyme that have given me sweet assurance that God loves me even more than I love Him, and that He too loves poetry.  You can get your copy on Amazon.


A Poem a Day

An apple a day keeps the doctor away;
You have heard before.
I believe a poem a day keeps the devil at bay,
As you concentrate on the Lord.
An apple has its benefits it is true,
But words that agree with God’s Word are even better for you.
Are you feeling down? Do you think no one cares?
Come and digest some words that assures God is always there.
Holy Scripture is packed with healthy things to eat;
To provide inner joy and emotional and spiritual strength.
When you are hungry for a special touch
From the God that loves you so very much,
A love poem arrives to cause heart to smile or sing.
A little extra gift delivered to the child of the King.

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