The Puddle By Brenda Drake



I have had periods in my life when I indeed felt like a puddle and better times
when I feel like God’s mighty river.  

The Puddle

There is a river flowing from within;
It gushes with great power now and then.
This river is Living Waters of Life.
It is the Word of power and might.
Some may feel their stream has gone dry.
They have leaked away their supply.
They feel upon the earth;
As a dry river bed of little worth.
You may feel as a puddle with no water flow;
Dry down deep in your soul.
When the rains come the dry riverbed,
Fills to flow to the destination ahead.
If you feel dry begin,
To study the Word of God again.
Fill up with the truth and you will see,
You are no longer as a puddle but as a steady stream.
Filled to overflow with God’s strength inside,
A roaring river flowing from the throne revived.
A puddle has little value …you cannot wash yourself or others.
You cannot take a healthy drink or give drink to another.
The Word fills you to overflow,
With living Waters to cause benefit to hearts and souls.

John 7:38
He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said,
out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.


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