The Little Witness By Brenda Drake

an ant

I am amazed at the way almost everything is able to show the ways of the Lord. Lord help me be hard at your kingdom work.

The Little Witness
There is a little witness that shows you,
Can do more than you think you can do.
In this little witness you see clear,
In unity there is strength with little need to fear,
Steady and diligent is this little witness in his ways;
Hard work with purpose pays.
In service he will give his life.
In his commitment his own will is sacrificed.
He works for the future generation’s best.
He takes little time to rest.
Have you guessed who the witness is my friend?
Even from a little ant …you can learn from him.
My children are able to do great things,
As they are in service to Christ the King.
They also sacrifice self-will for the lost.
They toil so others find rebirth at the cross.
Steady, and committed to finish Jesus’ work,
They set their face as they walk the earth.
But unlike the ant…their life shines bright,
Their steady walk leads to the Light.
Their strength is renewed day to day,
When, they are faithful to pray.
My witnesses sing praises to God above,
As they offer to others His love.
One day when the Lord returns for His bride,
His faithful witness will rule at His side,
Never again to feel fear or pain,
For the burden of sin does not remain,
When you weary recall this word of rhyme.
Remember the small witness and how you are designed.
Lift up your prayers and you will see you too,
Are able to do much more than you ever thought you could do.

Proverbs 6:6
Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways



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