Merry Christmas By Brenda Drake

My dear reader,

            About 40 years ago I went to bed unsuspecting my life would be forever changed.  Previously I had asked Jesus into my heart and was amazed at the weight lifted from my life.

Although I began to pray, read the bible and earnestly tried to live for Jesus, I learned on that fateful night and many times thereafter; God desired to talk to me. While asleep I heard as loud as any voice, “God is Love and Jesus is forgiveness.” Immediately I woke my husband and excitedly blurted the good news that God just told me. He looked at me like I had just gone nuts.

            Every night I heard a few sentences and I would attempt to remember so I could record in my journal when I woke up.  The message always rhymed and began to get longer and more difficult to remember.  I would ask God to bring the needed words to my mind to write them down.

            God was training me to listen.  The poetry always ministered to my seeking heart.  I checked each day to make sure it aligned with his Word.  Early on I felt I was supposed to share them with my brothers and sisters in Church.  With fear and trembling I began to give them to everyone I could.  It is my joy to touch you with the poetry he has given me to share with you.

            He loves us so much.  Creation shouts his love; he paints the sky different each day, and each day a flower blooms his love. The Spirit of love is always visible to those who seek.  God sent us his greatest proof of love when he sent his Son to earth to die for our sins.  He was born of a virgin, in a stable; to grow not as the King he is but as an everyday, down to earth person.  He came for all that needed a Savior.   

            Christmas-time is giving time.  We rush to get our loved ones special gifts to show our love and appreciation.  Jesus is the reason for the season.  When we celebrate in honor his birth He is glorified. 

            If you find it difficult to join the celebrations, and joy has fled from your day; truly listen to the anointed music reminding of his birth. He speaks hope, peace, and love in every breath we take. As we allow his love to enter our heart we will never again be the same.

            As I finish my note to you my readers, sisters, brothers, and neighbors I leave with one last thought.  Love speaks to us in countless ways. Even in a word of rhyme.

Have a Merry Christmas
 We celebrate Jesus, his love and his birth;
 As we again marvel how the creator chose to come to earth.
 He was born of a virgin as was foreordained;
 Witnessed by a star his holy entrance proclaimed.
 Angels sang of God’s purpose to those who would hear,
 Shepherds and wise men bowed as they drew near.
 We give gifts to others to celebrate God’s greatest gift bestowed.
 He is the greatest gift our hearts can hold.
 When we share Him we share life,
 When we share him we share light.
 He is the bread that nourishes our soul.
 He is the one that makes lost found and the empty full and whole.
 When we celebrate Christmas we honor Him.
 So again I say, Merry Christmas let our celebrations begin.

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