A Wedding Story By Brenda Drake

I am so looking forward to this wedding party ahead. I love to think of its beauty, knowing full well it is much more elaborate and wonderful than the most imaginitive imagination!


Before the bride enters flowers are strewn on her path
A flower girl walks ahead adorning her tracks
A pretty picture is this scene brought to mind
At weddings it is seen many times
Then to the music enters the bride
With the one that represents the father at her side
All eyes are drawn to her, she is the one all must see
She walks to the one she’s chosen to be
Her companion for the rest of her life
She knows he is to be her husband and she is to be his wife
Know the air is filled with the aroma of heaven coming down
There is a celebrations like none other to be found
The bride is preparing for her Groom to return for her
She has made her decision…she has given Him her word
He is so fully committed to her that she is engraved in His heart
He has sent His Spirit to help her to her journey start
Her eyes are so beautiful as she searches to see His face
So precious is her image in His sight it can never be erased
A love so eternal it will never end
Soon the wedding feast begins
If you take a deep breath perhaps you may the aroma smell
If you are still and listen you may hear the wedding bells
If you lift up your heart with anticipation you will feel
That your Groom has touched it with His seal
With a love so gentle and yet so, so strong
That you know that you know to Him you belong

Revelations 19:7
Let us be glad and rejoice, and give honour to him: for the marriage of the Lamb is come, and his wife hath made herself ready.

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