The Protector By Brenda Drake

Before I was allowed to marry I needed to take catechism classes.  I desired to find God.  I gained knowledge of all the necessary prayers and was faithful to confess my sins, but I did not yet know God.
After about five years of marriage my hurting heart was ready to call it quits.  My husband was just as needy as I was.  It was at this time I became fully aware of evil; the tormenters began an onslaught within my heart and my mind.
I had a battle to fight, and all I knew was there was a God; and I called upon His protection as I recited my formal prayers.  God is so good.  He saw me, He heard me, and He protected me from the evil ones as He continued to woo me and draw me to Him.

The Protector

Once upon a time not so long ago,
There was one with a yearning in the soul.
Life was a nightmare that never seemed to stop.
Every attempt to please seemed to be a flop.
The tender heart was broken; it seemed everyone turned away,
No matter how much she tried to obey.
The fear of rejection became uppermost in the mind,
So she hardened her heart and discontinued trying.
Even in this sad state when rebellion entered in,
And when her life was toying with sin,
The heart cried out in protest as eyes searched to see
What she yearned for deep within her being.
Over and over the nightmare returned.
She could not receive – love was spurned.
God sees and hears every sigh
He is aware from on high.
He hovered over and planted the seed of hope,
And gave her the ability to cope.
He wooed and called out of death’s wrap.
He saved the soul that was entrapped.
He picked her up and chased away the tormentors – not a few,
And He carried her, His kingdom into.
He asked her to be His bride,
And then He moved inside.
She is happily waiting the day
When He will arrive and take her away.

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