Gifts Wrapped in Love By Brenda Drake

     It is easy to get caught up with the pressures of Christmas-time when finances are strained and the world seems to be upside down in almost every way.  But I think we truly honor Jesus when we remember He is the reason for the season. He is honored I believe when we love Him enough to trust and believe for His best as we give our best to help another.  Gifts are fine but I think greater is love along with respect. Let us honor God by demonstrating hope and faith in His sure help, provisions and intervention in the days ahead.

Gifts Wrapped in Love

Upon a piece of paper write a name;
Pray every day for them and they will never be the same.
Keep eyes open to observe those around you;
Listen to conversations that surround you.
With the right hand hidden let the left bless another,
Allow God’s love to reach through you to sister or brother.
When no one is watching make your prayer requests,
Dance like David danced in God’s glory dressed.
Pile problems at the alter willing to set them free,
With a life love-filled; you are free indeed.
Take a vacation in the Spirit…bask in the favor of the Lord.
It will be the most rewarding vacation, you can afford.
Take a deep breath of hope and fill up with faith.
Believe the Word of God and for His promises patiently wait.
But, to successfully do this,
You need to take care to no opportunity miss.
Look about to do good…. take each step with care;
You gift God when with another you share.
Each day is one day closer to the One you adore.
One step closer to fully being made one with the Lord.
Christmas is celebrated with gifts under the tree.
The very best gifts are wrapped in love others will recieve.
Jesus, the gift sent from heaven to set free from sin’s grasp;
Upon the rugged tree His whole heart was wrapped.
A gift from the Father to the world below;
Such a loving gift is more than we could ever fully know.

Hebrews 13:16
But to do good and to communicate forget not: for with such sacrifices God is well pleased.

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